Take Shape For LifeTrilogy Training System has a new home

Take Shape For Life recently launched our new Training System, in conjunction with Field Leaders!  Designed to further simplify and organize the Take Shape For Life Field and training processes, and align with best practices, this user-friendly system offers a phased approach to training, based on a Health Coach's competency. 

training page

 You can learn from several different tutorials to help at every stage of your journey as a Health Coach, so you can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to grow your business! To get started with our new Training System, please log into your Office in Motion and scroll over the "Training" tab.  You will then see 4 different training categories in a drop-down menu for you to choose from:

  • Getting Started as a New Health Coach
  • Sharing Take Shape For Life
  • Client Acquisition and Support
  • Health Coach Sponsoring and Mentorship